July 16, 2024

Veteran singer’s rice wine production halted over labeling issue

PUBLISHED : July 03, 2024 - 09:34

UPDATED : July 03, 2024 - 09:34

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Sung Si-kyung's Instagram post announcing the launch of Korean rice wine Kyungtakju (Sung Si-kyung's Instagram)

South Korean ballad singer Sung Si-kyung's newly launched Korean rice wine, Kyungtakju, has been suspended from production for a month by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety due to labeling irregularities.

According to the regulator, information such as the product name, manufacturer, individual manufacturing number and the volume of the product were missing. This information is required on product labels even for sample products. Sung can still sell products that have already been produced, but additional production at the brewery will not be possible for another month.

"Before Kyungtakju's official launch, I shared sample bottles with friends to gather taste feedback. Unfortunately, a complaint was filed regarding missing information on the product label at the time," Sung addressed the issue in a social media post on Monday.

"While intended for friends only, I acknowledge my oversight regarding administrative details. This mistake stems from my lack of awareness,” he added.

Sung emphasized that the product itself is safe, and production will resume after a month with proper labeling.

Sung's agency, SKJaewon, announced his liquor project in February.

Kyungtakju, a type of traditional fermented rice wine, is the first product developed in collaboration with new, small-scale brewery J1.

Renowned for his appreciation of refined spirits, Sung participated in every stage of crafting the beverage, which has 12 percent alcohol content, compared to the standard 4-6 percent range typically found in commercially made makgeolli.

Sung's entry into the alcoholic beverage business reflects a trend of the last few years in the Korean entertainment industry, with celebrities venturing into the liquor market. Korean American rapper Jay Park launched his own soju brand, Won Soju, in February 2022.

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