July 17, 2024

LS Cable to power NextStar battery plant in Canada

PUBLISHED : June 24, 2024 - 16:58

UPDATED : June 24, 2024 - 16:58

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An LS Cable & System engineer installs a bus duct at a factory. (LS Cable & System)

LS Cable & System, one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers, said Monday that it will provide high-capacity power distribution bus ducts for NextStar Energy’s new battery plant in the Canadian province of Ontario.

NextStar Energy, a partnership between LG Energy Solution and Stellantis, is building a large electric vehicle battery factory in Windsor, Ontario. Bus ducts are metal-enclosed systems that house conductive plates to efficiently distribute high-capacity electrical power in large facilities like factories and data centers.

LS Cable said its bus ducts are easier to install and relocate than traditional wiring, and they can reduce power consumption by more than 30 percent.

“The North American market is growing quickly due to the rise of EVs, batteries, semiconductor factories, and data centers. We expect our bus duct sales in North America to reach $100 million annually by 2030,” an LS Cable & System official said.

Bus ducts are becoming more popular, especially as more data centers are built to support the artificial intelligence industry. These systems help manage the power supply efficiently, ensuring stable operations for high-power equipment in data centers.

LS Cable & System plans to expand its global market presence by using its existing plant in Vietnam and building a new one in Mexico. The company is leveraging its top market share in Korea to drive international growth.

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