July 16, 2024

Samsung Biologics launch coporate culture change initiative

PUBLISHED : June 20, 2024 - 17:19

UPDATED : June 20, 2024 - 17:19

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Samsung Biologics CEO John Rim (center) and employees pose for a photo at a declaration ceremony for the launch of a new corporate culture change initiative at the company’s headquarters in Songdo, Incheon. (Samsung Biologics)

Samsung Biologics has launched an initiative to improve its corporate culture aimed at transforming it into a top-tier biopharmaceutical company by 2030.

On Thursday, Samsung Biologics held a declaration ceremony, under a slogan dubbed “Samsung Biologics Way,” and pledged that the company's management and employees will make joint efforts to build a new company culture.

Representatives from both management and staff pledged they would improve communication between leadership and employees, strengthen mutual respect and encourage workers to pursue new challenges.

“The new initiative is expected to create an inclusive and innovative culture,” an official from Samsung Biologics added.

Samsung Biologics said it judged that building a new corporate culture is a necessary task to step up as a global firm. Samsung Biologics added the company has prepared this initiative for the past three months, through a joint task force between management and labor. To collect opinions, the company consulted with third-party experts, conducted a survey involving hundreds of its employees and held workshops and focus group interviews, it said.

Under the new slogan, Samsung Biologics will carry out activities to improve management-worker relations.

Samsung Biologics said it will encourage its executives and employees to participate more in training courses, educational programs and seminars where they can learn fundamentals for sustainable management-labor relations.

Currently, some of the representatives from the company’s management and staff have joined the Korea Employment and Labor Education Institute’s alternative dispute resolution programs, Samsung Biologics added.

Samsung Biologics added the company’s management and workers will engage together in corporate social responsibility activities and campaigns that can promote the values of mutual respect.

“The declaration of ‘Samsung Biologics Way’ is the first step to innovate Samsung Biologics’ corporate culture. Samsung Biologics will continue its efforts to establish its own corporate culture,” Samsung Biologics CEO John Rim said. “(The company) will do its best to make its employees focus on their work, feel valued and rewarded for their work,” he added.

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