July 16, 2024

LG Electronics introduces AlphaWare at US auto tech show

PUBLISHED : June 07, 2024 - 17:29

UPDATED : June 07, 2024 - 17:29

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Valentin Janiaut, software solutions leader at LG Electronics' Vehicle component Solutions, speaks at AutoTech: Detroit 2024 in Novi, Michigan, on Wednesday. (LG Electronics)

LG Electronics introduced AlphaWare, its suite of software solutions for software-defined vehicles, at AutoTech: Detroit 2024, revamping its commitment to expanding business in the automotive market.

According to the tech giant on Thursday, it joined the global automotive tech show for the first time to share its insights on software-defined vehicles and discuss the challenges and future prospects.

During LG’s presentation dubbed, "Beyond the Road: Navigating the SDV Transition," Valentin Janiaut, LG Vehicle component Solutions Company’s software solutions leader, discussed several key topics concerning the transition to SDVs.

Emphasizing the trend in which vehicles are becoming "extensions of people’s personal space," Janiaut stressed that providing seamless connectivity for work and relaxation is crucial to meeting market demands.

LG AlphaWare comes here to support the transition of vehicles into SDVs, according to LG Electronics. It consists of versatile software modules aimed at enhancing existing vehicle operating systems and assisting in building new platforms, the company said.

Among the five key solutions of AlphaWare is PlayWare, an entertainment platform that enhances the in-vehicle infotainment experience through the delivery of high-definition content and superior sound quality.

MetaWare enhances the driving experience by leveraging augmented- and mixed-reality technologies to deliver meaningful information across various displays, from AR head-up displays to clusters and central panels.

VisionWare is an AI and Advanced Driver Assistance System platform that analyzes driver and passenger behavior through an advanced monitoring system which employs an AI algorithm, software framework, electronic control unit and camera technologies.

BaseWare offers a comprehensive collection of versatile software modules to enrich OEM’s existing vehicle operating systems and assist in building new platforms.

OpsWare is the central operations platform, designed to enhance collaboration among software developers. It help software developers throughout the SW development process from design to deployment, LG said.

“With our AlphaWare, we will deliver a safer and more enjoyable vehicle experience in the SDV era,” Eun Seok-hyun, president of LG Vehicle component Solutions, said.

“SDVs represent a shift not only in technology but in the entire ecosystem of vehicle manufacturing, usage and ownership. With the introduction of our advanced software suite for vehicles, LG is leading the way for new innovation and development across the automotive sector.”

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