July 16, 2024

Kia rolls out new EV6 with longer range but no price hike

PUBLISHED : May 14, 2024 - 16:54

UPDATED : May 14, 2024 - 16:54

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Kia has officially launched an upgraded version of the EV6 in the Korean market, with sales starting Tuesday and deliveries expected by June.

"The new EV6 will launch internationally within this year," a Hyundai Motor Group official told the Korea Herald.

This latest update, the first in about three years since August 2021, increases the maximum driving range to 494 km per charge, according to the Korean Ministry of Environment certification. This represents a 19 km improvement over the previous model, for the long-range two-wheel-drive models equipped with 19-inch tires.

Kia has decided to maintain the original pricing for all trims of the EV6 to sustain its competitiveness in the market. It introduces a more dynamic design and incorporates several high-demand features aimed at improving aesthetics and functionality.

The new Kia EV6 GT-Line (Kia)

Aesthetic updates include a design refinement that aligns with Kia's new family look, called "Star Map signature" daytime running lights with aggressive, angular lines. This motif is carried through to the vehicle's rear and a wing-shaped bumper that mirrors the front design for a cohesive appearance. The GT-Line variant accentuates the sporty aesthetic with exclusive 20-inch wheels, sleeker front and rear bumpers, and elongated, horizontally oriented headlights.

Interior enhancements include a more refined panoramic curved display that makes the cabin feel more spacious. A hands-on detection system, which uses capacitive sensors to ascertain the driver's grip on the steering wheel, is also part of the upgrade.


On the technology front, the EV6 sports an advanced infotainment system based on a software-defined vehicle architecture, incorporating Hyundai Motor Group’s connected car navigation cockpit. This system extends over-the-air update capabilities to major vehicle controls and mechanisms, previously only available to the navigation system.

Some additional convenience features include a walk-away auto-lock system that secures the vehicle as the driver exits and moves away with the key, Kia Digital Key 2, and a fingerprint authentication system. However, the vehicle does not support the next-generation CarPlay, which integrates fully with the instrument cluster.


Under the hood, the EV6 houses a fourth-generation 84 kilowatt-hour battery that increases the driving range from the previous 475 km to 494 km, as certified by the Korean Ministry of Environment. This increase is achieved via an upgrade from the previous 77.4 kWh battery, alongside improvements in energy density. The larger battery supports the same charging speed, reaching 80 percent capacity in 18 minutes with a 350 kilowatt charger.

Safety has not been overlooked, with the implementation of an enhanced 10-airbag system and increased body rigidity via a thicker B-pillar. Ride comfort is improved through refined frequency-sensitive shock absorbers, optimized motor noise control, and expanded sound-absorbing areas.

The new EV6 is available in eight exterior colors with four new interior color options. The GT-Line trim offers exclusive color choices and additional design elements.

Before electric vehicle tax benefits, official prices of the new EV6 range from 55.4 million won ($40,500) for the base model to 63.15 million won for the GT-Line.

Since its debut, the EV6’s sales have surpassed 210,000 units worldwide.

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