May 24, 2024

LG Innotek earns Edison silver for mobile zoom camera

PUBLISHED : April 22, 2024 - 09:37

UPDATED : April 22, 2024 - 09:37

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LG Innotek's ultra-thin optical telephoto zoom camera module for smartphones (LG Innotek)

LG Innotek has clinched a silver Edison Award for its ultra-thin optical telephoto zoom camera module for smartphones, marking its second consecutive Edison win, the company said Sunday.

The module, which allows for 3x to 5x magnification, brings what the company describes as near-DSLR-quality optical zoom in a single compact unit. First commercialized in 2022, this innovation enhances image quality and spares internal device space for other components.

The core of this technology is the Zoom Actuator, which precisely controls lens movement to the micrometer, ensuring high-resolution images even at higher zoom levels. LG Innotek has also developed a D-cut lens design that can sit level with the slim profiles of modern smartphones without protruding.

After its initial success, LG Innotek expanded the module's range, achieving 4x to 9x magnification capabilities by late 2022, which led to an Innovation Award at CES 2023. The company continues to explore new applications for this technology in sectors including automotive and robotics.

By Moon Joon-hyun (
The Korea Herald

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