May 24, 2024

SK On wins Edison Award for cobalt-free battery

PUBLISHED : April 22, 2024 - 09:36

UPDATED : April 22, 2024 - 09:36

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Kim Sang-jin (right), head of platform research at SK On, and Rob Manes, vice president of business development at Edison Universe, pose for a photo after winning a Bronze award at the 2024 Edison Awards at the Caloosa Sound Convention in Fort Myers, Florida, on Thursday. (SK On)

SK On, one of Korea’s leading electric vehicle battery manufacturers, has been awarded a Bronze at the 2024 Edison Awards for its innovative cobalt-free battery.

The award, presented last Thursday, represents SK On's ongoing efforts to combine advanced technology with sustainable practices in the EV industry.

The development of the cobalt-free battery by SK On is a notable breakthrough, addressing the critical challenges traditionally associated with cobalt use in batteries. Cobalt, while enhancing battery life, poses substantial ethical and environmental risks due to its mining practices.

SK On's technology circumvents these issues by replacing cobalt with alternative materials that maintain structural stability and energy density through advanced single-crystal cathodes and proprietary cell design techniques.

This technological leap not only advances battery performance but also aligns with global efforts to implement more sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes. The removal of cobalt reduces the environmental and social impacts of its extraction, which is often mired in controversy due to unethical mining practices and limited global supply.

"Winning the Bronze at the Edison Awards for our cobalt-free battery is a huge honor. It reflects our drive to innovate responsibly while focusing on sustainability. We'll continue to pioneer technologies that are good for both the environment and our communities," said Kim Sang-jin, head of platform research at SK On.

By Moon Joon-hyun (
The Korea Herald

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