July 26, 2024

[From the Scene] LG Twin Towers refurbished to better connect with employees

PUBLISHED : April 02, 2024 - 17:33

UPDATED : April 02, 2024 - 17:33

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LG employees mingle at the Grand Valley, the renovated staircase connecting the basement floor to the lobby of LG Twin Towers, in Yeouido, western Seoul, Monday. (LG Group)

LG Group’s symbolic LG Twin Towers, a landmark in Yeouido, where its major affiliates including LG Electronics are headquartered, has been transformed into modern office spaces incorporated with nature-inspired elements to create a harmonious work and life integration.

When The Korea Herald reporter visited the LG Twin Towers on Monday morning, the first day of the building's completed renovation, employees seemed to have beaten the Monday blues and were filled with excitement and laughter as they looked around the buildings.

Since the buildings were established in 1987, the recent transformation marks the second time the nation's fourth-largest conglomerate has renovated the two skyscrapers. It renovated the working spaces on the upper floors in 2009, and it was the first time the group renovated the lobby, arcade and floor space of the lower part of the buildings, where the rest facilities are.

The lower floors of LG Twin Towers in Yeouido, western Seoul, contain a space called "Connectwin," with meeting rooms, relaxing spaces and cafes. (LG Group)

Reflecting employee opinions, LG refurbished about the size of three soccer fields in about 14 months under the theme of “Connection” among some 6,500 stationed workers, spaces and nature inside the headquarters. The lower floors are named “Connectwin,” which employees can use for meeting rooms, relaxation spaces and cafes to pursue a work and life blending concept.

Around 11:10 a.m. workers flocked to the newly opened food court -- the East kitchen -- in the first basement floor for lunch ahead of their opening. Since they offered a 50 percent discount event for opening week, some popular restaurants were so crowded that more than 110 orders were backlogged within 20 minutes.

“It became much more convenient waiting and picking up food, thanks to the Connect On,” said Kim Yi-jeong, a manager of the ESG due diligence assessment team at LG Display told The Korea Herald. “I got this Malatang for 5,000 won ($3.70). It is much cheaper than eating outside, and I was quite satisfied with the quality as well.”

LG employees try new food at the East Kitchen on the first day of its opening on Monday. A Korean meal (bottom right) and Malatang served at the food court on the same day. (Jie Ye-eun/The Korea Herald)

Including the cafeteria -- the West kitchen -- there are about 20 places available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, according to an LG Group official. Based on the survey results of employee preferences, the group opened seven restaurants in the East kitchen. It is also planning to open a sports pub, where workers can watch sports games while drinking inside the headquarters, in June.

During the lunch hour, some workers relaxed at the Grand Valley, a staircase connecting the first-floor lobby to the first basement level. Lighting was strengthened with full-length windows and people were able to enjoy the sunlight without going outside, reminiscent of the office buildings in Silicon Valley.

“With the group's new relaxing facilities and various restaurants opening, it feels like I've reentered the company. I can also spend both work and spare time more efficiently here. I already enjoy coming to the office,” said Seo Cha-ree, a manager of the marketing team at LG Electronics’ H&A division.”

The new fitness center at LG's headquarters can accommodate up to 110 workers at the same time. (LG Group)

The highlight of the refurbishment was the newly created exercise space on the second floor of the East building. The 1,322-square-meter-unit was large enough to accommodate up to 110 people at the same time. Not only does it provide sportswear, socks, towels and lockers, but the fitness center also had about 80 Italian top brand Technogym's equipment with four stationed trainees.

"I didn't have high expectations, but I visited here for the first time today, and I'm glad that it seemed to be much better than I expected. I can exercise while looking at the Han River view on the best exercise gym equipment, which is the best welfare ever," said Kim Myung-wan, a manager at LG Corp.'s customer value innovation team.

Another noticeable change to the building was the newly built Twin Bridge, which connects the second floor of the West building and the East building of the LG headquarters. The overall biophilic design and modern line and grid patterns made the reporter feel relaxed.

The new Twin Bridge, which connects the second floors of the LG headquarters' two main buildings. (LG Group)

As employees have been experiencing inconveniences when going to see a doctor during their working hours, the LG official said, it is getting ready to open an in-house affiliated clinic in July on the second floor of the West building, alongside pharmacies and banks.

By Jie Ye-eun (
The Korea Herald

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