April 22, 2024

LG, Qualcomm partner for EV battery monitoring

PUBLISHED : March 11, 2024 - 09:44

UPDATED : March 11, 2024 - 09:44

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Jung Hyuk-sung (left), director of business development at LG Energy Solution, and Park Ji-sung, vice president at Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Korea's marketing unit, pose for a photo at the ceremony for a partnership between the companies announced Sunday. (LG Energy Solution)

LG Energy Solution on Sunday announced a partnership with Qualcomm Technologies to develop an intelligent battery monitoring system for electric vehicles, aiming to simplify battery management for EV owners.

This collaboration merges LG's expertise in battery management with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Digital Chassis platform, which is a comprehensive suite of automotive solutions including connectivity, digital cockpits and advanced driver assistance systems.

The new battery management system, however, is designed to function offline, leveraging Qualcomm's automotive system-on-a-chip to perform complex computations independently of external servers. This chip is touted to be 80 times more powerful than traditional automotive hardware.

This means the system can monitor the battery's health and performance in real time, regardless of network conditions, always keeping track of battery metrics such as charge level, temperature and overall health. By doing so, it can predict and prevent potential issues before they occur, ensuring that the vehicle remains operational and efficient.

LG said its approach addresses the limitations of current battery diagnostic algorithms, which often base predictions on theoretical rather than actual data, leading to potential inaccuracies in real-world applications.

According to the company, its proprietary battery analysis algorithm, supported by approximately 7,000 related patents, boasts a 90 percent accuracy rate in safety diagnostics.

The company posits that the proposed battery management solution will benefit from the company’s three decades of research, development and production experience, coupled with a deep analysis of data from roughly 100,000 electric vehicles and over 10,000 batteries used in actual conditions, bringing empirical precision to the project.

“With the robust growth of the EV market, the demand for more reliable battery management is also growing,” an LG Energy Solution official said. “We expect to offer unrivaled customer value through the new partnership with Qualcomm.”

By Moon Joon-hyun (

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