May 24, 2024

Lee Si-woo becomes sole CEO at Posco

PUBLISHED : February 23, 2024 - 09:14

UPDATED : February 23, 2024 - 09:14

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Posco CEO and President Lee Si-woo (Posco)

Lee Si-woo, formerly co-CEO of Posco alongside Kim Hak-dong, who served as CEO of Posco and vice chairman of Posco Holdings, will now lead the steelmaker on his own.

Posco Holdings’ reshuffle released on Wednesday indicates that Kim will step down from his position and moves to the group’s executive adviser.

Lee is expected to play a crucial role in guiding Posco through its transition toward carbon neutrality, while enhancing profitability and reinforcing the company's presence in the global steel market.

His expertise spans the entire spectrum of the steelmaking process, positioning him as a seasoned specialist capable of navigating the challenges faced by the industry.

Throughout his career within Posco, Lee has held various key positions within the company -- including deputy head of the production strategy department in 2018; head of the steel production and technology division in 2021; head of the steel production and technology division in 2021; and head of the production technology division in 2022.

Lee is also expected to bring extensive experience to the role, having worked at Posco’s steel mills both domestically and overseas -- including the company’s Maharashtra steel factory in India and Gwangyang steel plant in Korea.

Born in 1960, Lee joined Posco in 1985 after studying materials science at Hangyang University. He was appointed as Posco's co-CEO and president in 2023.

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