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LG, Parsons come together for AI-generated design projects

PUBLISHED : September 15, 2022 - 09:24

UPDATED : September 15, 2022 - 09:24

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Representatives of LG AI Research and Parsons School of Design pose for a photo at the academic collaboration ceremony held Monday at Parsons campus in New York. (LG Corp.)

LG Corp. and Parsons School of Design will collaborate to combine contemporary art and design practices with artificial intelligence technology, LG's tech arm LG AI Research said Tuesday.

LG AI Research, which runs a hyperscale AI platform called Exaone, will carry out joint research projects for advanced AI technologies and emerging research domains with experts in fashion, design and media at Parsons for three years.

Through the partnership, artists and designers will explore the intersections of generative AI technology and their creativity, as well as how the AI platform can be integrated into their everyday practices, according to LG AI Research.

Ultimately, the research outcomes will be integrated into "Exaone Atelier," the newest AI platform by LG that supports work of AI and designers together.

The joint project will launch on Wednesday with a symposium involving a panel event and three workshops open to The New School -- the parent institution of Parsons -- and LG communities. Also, a two-day hackathon will begin Saturday, where The New School students will experiment their creative art and design process with the exclusive access to LG's hyperscale AI platform.

LG's Exaone has already learned over 600 billion text resources and 350 million high-resolution images, allowing the engine to convert a sentence into 256 high-resolution images in seven minutes via the multimodal AI engine.

LG AI Research launched in December 2020. Its AI-generated fashion designs made the first public appearance in February at New York Fashion Week, in collaboration with Park Youn-hee, a Korea-born fashion designer behind the Greedilous brand.

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