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Naver Cloud, GS Global join hands for overseas market

PUBLISHED : December 01, 2020 - 16:46

UPDATED : December 01, 2020 - 16:46

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Naver Cloud and GS Global will collaborate on their overseas services, the companies said on Dec. 1.

The new alliance with GS Global gives Naver Cloud a channel to liaise with large-scale corporate clients in target countries, while GS Global will gain an opportunity to expand into the information technology business, they said.

“Naver Cloud has the most global region services among cloud platforms developed by Korean firms,” said Park Won-ki, CEO of Naver Cloud.

“It has highly competitive technology, which vouches for great potential in overseas markets,” said Park.

Naver Cloud has infrastructure in 10 core global areas, including the US, Singapore, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong.

“GS Global, with its 28 business operation sites in 17 nations, will unsparingly support Naver Cloud so that it will become the basis of international businesses,” said Kim Tae-hyung, CEO of GS Global.

Naver Cloud and GS Global will first tap Southeast Asia for their cloud services.

GS Global will prepare the road for Naver Cloud to understand the characteristics of the local markets, as well as find and develop partnerships.

Naver Cloud will provide global-specific cloud services, as well as technical support, execution and maintenance for a successful settlement in the global market excavated by GS Global.

The two companies’ collaboration will also involve the establishment of a Managed Service Provider pool, a joint venture and various investments for relevant South Korean startups to tap overseas markets.

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