May 24, 2024

Samsung SDI buys stake in Canadian nickel miner for battery expansion

PUBLISHED : January 17, 2024 - 09:25

UPDATED : January 17, 2024 - 09:25

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Samsung SDI's premium battery brand, PRiMX, uses high nickel cathode and silicon anode technologies, which offer increased density and reduced cobalt content. (Samsung SDI)

Samsung SDI, a leading South Korean lithium-ion battery manufacturer, has acquired a stake in Toronto-based Canada Nickel in a $18.5 million deal to ensure a stable supply of critical battery materials for its expanding North American operations.

Announced on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Monday, Samsung SDI will acquire an 8.7 percent stake in the major Canadian nickel mining company. This stake translates into 15.6 million shares.

Under the agreement, Samsung SDI not only secures an initial purchase right for 10 percent of the mine's nickel production at $150 million, but also has the option to expand its nickel reserves by 20 percent over 15 years, provided both parties are in agreement.

Canada Nickel is developing a nickel mine in Ontario, Canada. Samsung SDI is specializing in its high-nickel, low-cobalt batteries for electric vehicles that offer increased energy density.

This acquisition comes as Samsung SDI is ramping up its battery production facilities in North America. Samsung SDI's expansion in the region includes a joint venture with General Motors to open a 30 gigawatt-hours battery facility in New Carlisle, Indiana, by 2026, and another joint venture with Stellantis, StarPlus Energy, which will establish two plants in Kokomo, Indiana.

The first is set to be operational by early 2025 and the second by early 2027, cumulatively pushing Samsung SDI's production capacity in the region to 97 GWh, which represents approximately 3.5 percent of the global lithium-ion battery production capacity as of last year.

“Samsung SDI is a big player in the EV battery world, and together, we're diving into eco-friendly nickel production that's essential for EVs in North America and Europe,” said Canada Nickel CEO Mark Selby in the press release.

By Moon Joon-hyun (

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