September 28, 2023
The Investor was created in June 2016 as an in-house startup of The Korea Herald. It was born out of the dire need for a business-focused news service with professional and original content.   For those of you who want more than news, we offer you the weekly DECODED X.
DECODED X is about anything and everything that makes Korea tick.
Jemmie Kim  (
Has extensively covered business for almost two decades. Is highly intuitive and loves chasing new goals.
Senior editor
Ji-yoon Lee  (
Tech is her specialty, can think on her feet and has a killer sense of humor to boot.
Tech & Videos
Young-won Kim  (
Young and savvy, he’ll keep you up to date on all the new trends. Email him. Whenever. With whatever.
Autos & Multinational firms
Sung-mi Ahn  (
She’s fast, but not furious. She just loves cars and anything else with an engine.
Bio & Pharma
Han-na Park  (
This woman has quietly but quickly built an extensive network in the industry. Analysts are her best friends.
China & Finance
Ga-young Park  (
Fluent in Chinese and English, she has the Continent at her fingertips. Used to work for The Global Times in China.
Equities & Disclosures
Hwang Yoo-mee  (
Did we tell you The Investor is the only site in Korea with English disclosures? She’s the woman behind it.
Consumer & Chaebol
Seunghyun Song  (
She’s our newest, youngest member who is quickly proving age has nothing to do with brilliance
SNS & Web design
Alex Lee  (
He’s our man when it comes to promoting The Investor. Did I say he can also write?
Copy editors
Rambabu, Paul, Cheryl and Anita
This foursome makes the bottom line possible at The Investor.
The Electronic Times  (
Korea’s largest tech news service
OLED Info  (
Leading international OLED publication
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