December 12, 2023

Hanwha to unveil new weapons system at Polish trade fair

PUBLISHED : September 05, 2023 - 09:38

UPDATED : September 05, 2023 - 09:38

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Hanwha Aerospace’s exhibition booth in the International Defense Industry Exhibition, or MSPO, scheduled to be held from Tuesday to Friday at Centre d’expositions de Kielce in Poland (Hanwha Aerospace)

Energy-to-defense giant Hanwha Group said Monday it will showcase the next generation weapons system ranging from uncrewed vehicles to robotics at the upcoming International Defense Industry Exhibition or MSPO, the largest trade fair for military equipment in Central and Eastern Europe.

At the 375-square-meter exhibition booth, the defense and aerospace unit Hanwha Aerospace plans to unveil the prototype of an uncrewed ground vehicle installed with a surface-to-surface missile called Chungum. The military vehicle is under development by the state-run Agency for Defense Development and Hanwha Aerospace.

The weapons system can carry out search and reconnaissance missions along European borders, for example, which are too long for soldiers to cover, the company said. When a recon asset delivers the location of the enemy’s tanks, even those in a broader target range, the military can use the autonomous ground vehicle to hit it.

Hanwha Systems, a combat management systems provider, will display the synthetic aperture sonar Autonomous Underwater Vehicle programmed to analyze submarine topography. The side-scan sonar AUV can draw a 3D terrain map even in hazy underwater conditions.

AUVs, which are operated in groups, can exchange real-time communication with uncrewed surface vehicles and execute more precise search and recon missions, according to the company.

Amid burgeoning demand from European countries for postconflict reconstruction solutions and replacing traditional weapons, Hanwha Aerospace will, for the first time, unveil a robot that detects and removes explosives.

The uncrewed device can effectively and safely search for land mines, Hanwha said, whereas explosive ordnance disposal robots manufactured by other countries usually have to be carried by military personnel.

For countries seeking more advanced weapons, Hanwha Aerospace looks to introduce its infantry fighting vehicle Redback. Hanwha was selected as the preferred bidder to replace Australia’s armored personnel carriers with the Redback in July.

The trade show comes as Ukraine expects to spend 100.5 billion euros ($108.4 billion) in rearmament after the war ends between Russia and Ukraine, the company said, citing the think tank European Council on Foreign Relations.

Hanwha Ocean will showcase a display model of the 3,000-ton submarine named Jangbogo-III Batch-II to cater to the fast-growing needs of the Netherlands and Canada, as well as Poland, who are looking to replace their submarines. It is the world’s second of its kind running on lithium-ion batteries and diesel engines. The new battery system, codeveloped with Hanwha Aerospace, can drive the submarine three times longer than lead–acid batteries.

Hanwha Systems plans to unveil a space-based recon solution that can connect to the weapons systems network of the army, navy and air forces. The low-Earth orbit satellite can provide stable communication during war time or disasters, while the ultrasmall Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite allows for clear observation of land, ocean and air during inclement weather.

“In the exhibition, we are looking forward to Korea and Poland’s next generation project for defense business. The company will make efforts to accelerate the second export (of the K9 self-propelled howitzers and rocket artillery system Chunmoo) that can contribute to the Free World’s national security starting with Europe,” said Hanwha Group in a statement.

The MSPO is scheduled to be held from Tuesday to Friday at Centre d’expositions de Kielce in Poland. It is the first global exhibition jointly attended by Hanwha Group subsidiaries since Hanwha Aerospace merged with Hanwha Munitions in April and Hanwha Ocean joined the group in May.

With a 900 billion won ($683 million) investment, Hanwha Aerospace announced it aims at becoming a global defense company, expanding its footing in key markets such as Europe and North America. It also plans to set up a production base in Poland to meet the rising demand in Europe. In November, Hanwha Aerospace forged a deal with the Polish government to export K9 howitzers and Chunmoo multiple rocket launchers.

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