January 29, 2020

LG sues Chinese TV maker Hisense over patent infringement

PUBLISHED : November 05, 2019 - 15:25

UPDATED : November 05, 2019 - 15:25

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LG Electronics said on Nov. 5 that it has filed a patent lawsuit against Hisense, a Chinese electronics maker, in the US for breaching its TV patents.

The South Korean tech giant said the Chinese firm has infringed on four types of its TV patents, including a solution to improve user interface, and a Wi-Fi-based technology to enhance data transfer speed. Defendants include the US and Chinese branches of the Chinese TV manufacturer.

LG said the Chinese firm has neither come to the table for negotiation nor stopped selling products that utilize the patented technologies.

“LG will continue to take a strict measure against activities that infringe on the company’s patents,” said Jeon Saeng-gyoo, executive vice president of LG’s patent center, in a press statement.

Hisense, the fourth-largest TV maker in the world with 7 percent market share in terms of sales, has been increasing its presence in the US market in recent years.

LG is ranked second after hometown rival Samsung Electronics, according to global market research firm IHS.

Some market watchers see the latest lawsuit as an attempt to hamper the entrance of Hisense in the US organic light-emitting diode TV sector.

The Chinese firm is expected to launch its OLED TV lineup, Series X, in the US market next year. The Korean TV maker, affiliated with largest-sized OLED display powerhouse LG Display, has been leading the OLED TV segment for years.

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