March 25, 2019

‘I don’t regret calling out Korean Air's Cho Hyun-min’

PUBLISHED : April 15, 2018 - 20:32

UPDATED : April 15, 2018 - 21:02

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[THE INVESTOR] Last week, an anonymous source released an audio clip that allegedly features Korean Air's Cho Hyun-min verbally having a go at someone at work.

In the clip, a woman can be heard literally going nuts at someone. She is screaming and swearing on the top of her lungs, and the sounds are almost animalistic. The authorities have yet to verify whether she is really Cho.

The clip went viral after Cho -- the younger sister of the ‘nut rage’ heiress Hyun-ah -- attacked an ad agency employee. Cho says she pushed the person, but did not throw water, as alleged. 

Korean Air stock prices have plummeted, and there is now a petition calling for the government to force the airliner to lose the word "Korea" in its company name. 

Below is a letter the anonymous source reportedly sent to his Korean Air colleagues. 

Hanjin Group daughters Hyun-min (right) and Hyun-ah

Hello everyone. Please understand that I cannot reveal my identity. I just wanted to explain why I made and released that clip.

Ms.Cho’s temper tantrums were a part of the norm in our office. She swore at many, including those who were many times her age. So imagine how she treated people who are younger than her and of lower rank.

The day I made that recording, she was beside herself with anger. For some reason, it was far worse than other days, and I had the urge to make the recording. But really, I doubt it’s just me who made such clips.

Korean Air’s response was just as I expected. They said it was unclear as to whether the woman really is Ms.Cho.

I doubt that. There is no way they couldn’t have recognized her voice. The screams that seep through the doors of her office, the screams that were heard by many in the building where her department employees and the cargo team were working. It was all just a part of the ordinary day for us.

I understand that the Korean Air PR team has no choice but to take her side. But I don’t know if their actions are for the benefit of Korean Air, or for the Cho family. I am, however, certain of one thing. They too, are probably secretly rejoicing.

The execs all probably have their torches out, trying to weed me out. That does scare me. But I get my strength from Park Chang-jin (a senior crew member who was reportedly mistreated by Korean Air after being forced off one of its flights in 2014 by Cho Hyun-ah).

I also don’t regret what I did. If more evidence is needed, I will provide it. This letter is also one of them.

I do not ask for your support. I know you have families, and all you must protect. But I do think, being treated as subhuman at work is not one of those things.

Last but not least, I have a message for Ms.Cho. I know I could never say this to your face, so here I am.

When the world criticized your sister, you were quoted as saying that you would “get revenge” on her behalf.

What you need to know that you are not the only with family. And what is left for you now is to offer a truly sincere apology and a promise to never repeat this performance.

By Kim Ji-hyun (

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