October 04, 2022

Dyson's Gen5 Detect vacuum cleaner makes debut in Korea

PUBLISHED : September 22, 2022 - 09:32

UPDATED : September 22, 2022 - 09:48

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Dyson Vice President Charlie Park poses for a photo at a press briefing with South Korean reporters in Seoul Wednesday. (Dyson)

Consumer electronics giant Dyson said on Wednesday it would begin to sell its brand-new cord-free vacuum cleaner Gen5 Detect that boasts stronger power density, deeper cleaning ability and longer battery life compared to its predecessors in South Korea and China.

Its Hyperdymium Motor allows Gen5 Detect, the newest release on the lineup since V15 Detect in May 2021, to have up to 262 airwatts of suction power, higher than the V15 Detect's 230 airwatts.

The Gen5 motor, which is lighter than that of V15, spins at 135,000 revolutions per minute, nine times faster than a Formula One standard engine, according to the Singapore-headquartered firm.

"As a result of a complete redesign of the motor, this motor is 23 percent more power-dense than its predecessor," Charlie Park, vice president overseeing floorcare business at Dyson, told reporters at a press briefing in Seoul.

"So it is this motor that is at the heart of the new Gen5 Detect. This motor has taken 4 1/2 years and over 100 engineers across three sites in the UK, Singapore and Malaysia."

Dyson Vice President Charlie Park poses for a photo at a press briefing with South Korean reporters in Seoul Wednesday. (Dyson)

In line with the suction power improvement, Dyson's new vacuum cleaner features a cutting-edge high efficiency particulate absorbing filter for deeper cleaning. The new product captures 99.99 percent of particles like viruses, which are one-seventieth in size compared to a single strand of hair.

The Gen5 Detect runs for up to an hour and 10 minutes on a single charge of 4 1/2 hours, longer than the V15 Detect’s battery which lasts an hour on a single charge.

The Gen5 Detect retails for 1.39 million won ($997) in Korea and is available for purchase in Dyson demo stores, major department stores, Lotte Hi-Mart electronics goods retail shops and online beginning Wednesday in Korea.

Alongside the new vacuum cleaner, Dyson also unveiled its new cleaner head 

with laser dust detection technology called Fluffy Optic, as well as Scratch-Free Dusting Brush cleaner head to minimize scratch when sweeping.

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