July 11, 2020

Samsung to launch Galaxy Fold on Sept. 6: reports

PUBLISHED : August 29, 2019 - 14:30

UPDATED : August 29, 2019 - 14:30

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Tech giant Samsung Electronics will reportedly release the long-awaited Galaxy Fold on Sept. 6 in South Korea, according to news reports on Aug. 29.

The foldable smartphone was supposed to hit stores on April 26 in Korea and the US, but the launch has been postponed due to technical glitches in the device’s screen and a hinge that connects the two halves.

A protective layer covering the screen, for example, became detached from the screen after repeated folding and unfolding, or dust could seep into the slight opening between the protective film and screen.

Rumor had it that the phone would launch in mid or late September, but Samsung seems to have decided to release the phone earlier, as it has already solved the technical problems.

IFA, the world’s largest electronics trade fair, is scheduled to begin on the rumored release date.

The price of the smartphone will be in the range of 2.3 million won ($1,890) to 2.4 million won -- the highest among the tech giant’s Galaxy lineup. Because of the steep price tag, production volume will be relatively limited.

“Because of the small production volume, it will be fair to say that the Fold is kind of a limited edition,” an industry source was quoted by local news outlet News 1 as saying.

Samsung’s mobile chief Koh Dong-jin said in a press conference earlier this month that fewer than 1 million units of the Fold will be manufactured.

To improve the durability of the folding part of the phone, the tech giant previously said it has deployed additional reinforcements to protect the device from external particles and impact.

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