October 24, 2019

[INTERVIEW] Bespin Global to offer core engine for streamlining cloud migration

PUBLISHED : July 10, 2019 - 16:22

UPDATED : July 10, 2019 - 16:25

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Enterprises all over the world want to move toward cloud-based information technology infrastructure and storage systems to keep up with the pace of digital transformation, but not all corporations have the know-how, according to Lee Han-joo, co-founder and CEO of Bespin Global.

“Public cloud infrastructures like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are like residential buildings, with each customer choosing the floor, the interior design and even the furniture,” Lee told The Investor in a recent interview. “Helping them make the optimal choices is the role of a cloud-managed service provider.”

Bespin Global co-founder and CEO Lee Han-joo speaks during an interview at the company’s headquarters in Seoul.
Park Hyun-koo/The Investor

Cash pouring into Korean public cloud MSPs

As one such service provider, Bespin Global stands out with multi-cloud and hybrid cloud management.

The secret lies in a core engine called OpsNow that’s still undergoing construction. OpsNow will allow Bespin Global to tailor the cloud migration process to each client.

For example, for a financial company -- whose multi-cloud management service needs to comply with tougher regulations than those of ordinary public companies and private enterprises -- Bespin Global will begin with a default setting provided by OpsNow and make slight adjustments.

“Relying on one-time projects and starting from scratch each time without a core engine is simply time-consuming,” said Lee.

OpsNow is now in the data collection phase. Once it becomes completed, it will save time and money during the cloud migration process, both for customers and MSPs like Bespin, said the CEO.

To achieve that end, OpsNow needs more funding, at least 100 billion won ($84.6 million), as well as a commitment to provide funding for a few more years. It has received an accumulated 117 billion won so far, including a latest 87 billion won round in October 2018 from investors including ST Telemedia and DY Holdings.

“Developing a core engine is costly, but we still need it at all costs.” 

Bespin Global co-founder and CEO Lee Han-joo speaks during an interview at the company’s headquarters in Seoul.
Park Hyun-koo/The Investor

Lee is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. He was a co-founder of Hostway, a Chicago-based custom-managed hosting solutions provider that grew through 25 mergers and acquisitions before Lee made his exit.

“Knowing how to do M&As and post-merger management integration is also part of an entrepreneur’s skill set,” he said.

This philosophy applies to Bespin Global as well. The startup acquired market contender Vsystems in 2016, a year after it was founded. Overseas, Bespin Global is eyeing more acquisitions after recently acquiring Falcon9 to target Africa and the Middle East.

“Bespin Global will be committed to more investments to hone multi-cloud management technology and to do more M&As at home and abroad.”

Lee added that the cloud MSP business in Korea is a boon, citing the country’s potential to become a fifth-generation network leader led by telco companies and a neutral stance in the power dynamic between China and the United States. Bespin Global runs operations in both countries.

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