February 18, 2019

JobPlanet launches big data analytics team

PUBLISHED : June 19, 2018 - 15:01

UPDATED : June 19, 2018 - 15:29

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[THE INVESTOR] JobPlanet, a crowdsourced corporate data startup, said on June 19 that it has launched a big data analytics team, to gain more insight into corporate HR and consequently offer more reliable information for job seekers.

The newly established unit, named HR Labs, will publish reports on a regular basis, highlighting four categories -- corporate culture, brand competitiveness in the job market, salary and employee benefits, and business risks. All the information in its reports will be based on 1.5 million pieces of corporate data the startup has gathered for the past years and reviews on companies posted by more than 3 million monthly active users of the firm’s job-seeking platform.


HR Labs head Eun Jin-ki

“JobPlanet has been able to grow its platform for corporate information thanks to the users’ active contribution,” said Daniel Hwang, adding, “It will not spare efforts to grow the new lab to offer reliable data.”

The reports will also compare data of rival companies in the same business sector while the analytic data in each of the four categories cited above will be offered in the form of tables, charts and dashboards, according to JobPlanet.

The corporate culture category, for instance, will include the satisfaction level of employees on their jobs, turnover rate, and growth potential while the brand competitiveness section analyzes the level of job seekers’ interest in a company.

“Corporates as well as job seekers want not just mere information available to anyone but deeper insights into data,” Eun Jin-ki, who will head the analytics team, said.

“HR Labs will try to offer data valuable to both recruiters and job seekers and help companies to establish their own HR philosophy,” he added.

The first analytic report will be published this week.

Established in 2014, JobPlanet has been running a platform where former and current executives and employees of companies can anonymously evaluate and post reviews on their firms.

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