January 19, 2019

Samsung unveils 2018 edition of QLED TVs

PUBLISHED : April 17, 2018 - 10:58

UPDATED : April 17, 2018 - 10:58

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[THE INVESTOR] Samsung Electronics on April 17 showcased its latest premium QLED TV models in Korea that boast various artificial intelligence features.

The Korean tech giant said it will release 11 models with “intelligent displays,” ranging from 55 to 82 inches throughout June, along with six more, including an 85-inch TV, by the end of this year. Samsung said it is especially focused on expanding its 2018 edition models that are sized 75 inches and above in line with market demand.

Accordingly, Samsung said it plans to widen the gap with rivals in the size segment and remain as the world’s top TV maker for the 13th consecutive year.

“It is more correct to call TVs ‘intelligent displays’ down the road,“ said Han Jong-hee, the head of Samsung’s Visual Display Business, also highlighting that the three elements of its QLED TVs are consumers, connectivity and entertainment.

“As the hub of IoT technology, (QLED TVs) will connect all Samsung products and allow users to monitor them through a large-sized display,” Han added, calling its TVs “smart centers with the biggest screens.”

“(Samsung) has been leading the global market by thinking in advance regarding the needs of consumers,” Han said, claiming the company will open yet another era of the display industry.

The TVs come with Samsung’s AI voice recognition system, Bixby, which is currently installed in high-end smartphones as well, along with the SmartThings application that connects to other devices through the Internet of Things technology.

The price tag of a 55-inch Q6 series stands at 2.79 million won (US$2,599), and that of 75-inch model is 8.69 million won. The 65-inch Q9 series stands at 6.09 million won, and that of 75-inch edition in the series tops 10.4 million won.

By Song Seung-hyun and newswires (

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