March 25, 2019

WeWork accelerates expansion in Singapore

PUBLISHED : April 09, 2018 - 15:40

UPDATED : April 10, 2018 - 19:07

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[THE INVESTOR] SINGAPORE -- Since the opening of its first Southeast Asian branch in Singapore, the New York-based coworking giant WeWork is making a foray into the city-state on full-throttle. 

WeWork made its much-awaited debut in Singapore in December on Beach Road. The three-story WeWork Beach Center already boasts 100 percent occupancy rate, with over 700 members, including startups, freelancers and corporates, using its hot desks and office space. Just last week, the coworking giant opened its second venue, which can house more than 1,000 members, at the heart of the central business district on Robinson Road. 

WeWork Beach Center

More are in the pipeline. Besides two spots that are opening this year -- including on 22 Cross Street and 60 Anson Road -- WeWork is planning to add as many locations as possible to meet the growing demand. 

“We view the opportunities in this coworking space are infinite, because there is no limit in this all-encompassing market,” an official at WeWork Singapore told The Investor in a recent interview at its Beach Center branch. “The concept and perspective of what defines work is changing. The market will grow exponentially, and WeWork is betting on that changing work environment.”

Despite WeWork’s relatively late arrival in the shared office market in Singapore, the US coworking unicorn is confident it will provide something more “unique” than other rivals, on the back of its strong global network of 242 offices across 21 countries. 

“Our main goal is to build a community and a unique culture based on this global platform,” she said. “Through our community and connecting people, we want to humanize the way people work. As WeWork’s global community is getting bigger, our members can utilize and grow together in the community.” 

Besides Singapore, WeWork is planning to tap into other Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia and Indonesia, this year. It, however, hasn’t yet disclosed the exact details.

By Park Ga-young and Ahn Sung-mi ( (

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