November 18, 2018

PR firm Hahm Shout launches online platform biz for startups

PUBLISHED : December 05, 2017 - 16:18

UPDATED : December 05, 2017 - 16:18

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[THE INVESTOR] Korean public relations agency Hahm Shout on Dec. 5 announced the official launched of its online platform business to assist the growth of startups.

“As seen in the cases of Uber, YouTube and Airbnb, a platform revolution has already begun. So, at the beginning of this year we formed our platform business division with 10 employees,” Hahm Shout co-President Hahm Si-won said during a press conference in Seoul. She added that the new business would become the company’s future growth engine.


Hahm Shout co-Presidents Hahm Si-won(right) and Kim Jae-hee (left)

Hahm introduced four new platforms -- big data platform BD Cloud, influencer such as power blogger matching platform itFluencer, e-commerce platform itCommerce and engineer matching platform Open Bridge. He noted that the company would assist startups through maximizing the use of these platforms.

The PR agency also pledged to invest in at least 10 startups, mainly ones that need assistance in the PR sector, each year to help accelerate their growth.

“We have already started providing services to two health care startups, Lite & Slim and Anydoctor Healthcare,” Hahm Shout co-President Kim Jae-hee said.

“We are planning to invest around 100 million won (US$ 92,267.95) to 300 million won per startup.”

Moreover, the company also plans to support startups to enter the Chinese market. It has launched Go to China Platform service with partners including Chinese retailer KLF.

The company expects 56 percent increase in sales and 95 percent increase in operating profit by 2020 through its new online platform business.

Hahm Shout was established in 2007 and has been providing PR services to more than 300 brands here.

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