June 05, 2020

[STOCK WATCH] Seobu T&D falls 3%

PUBLISHED : November 09, 2016 - 13:44

UPDATED : November 09, 2016 - 13:49

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- Compared with industrial mean, the Return comparison fluctuation was high
- All related stocks also decline. Distribution industry -5.69%
- Target price KRW 33,000, has 79% disparate to increase compared with stock price.
- Individuals and Foreigners sell, Institutions buy
- Turnover Rate and Price Range both proper
- Participation of Institutions is active, 25.82%

Market Review
As of Nov. 9 01:10 P.M., Seobu T&D (006730) declined 3.41% to 18,400 won (US$16.41). It had declined 6.84% through the past month. Standard deviation, which indicates volatility of stock, records 1.6% on the same period over one month.

Compared with its close competitors within the same industry, KOSDAQ, Seobu T&D was not only satisfactory in investment return among its peer group, but its volatility was also the lowest. Over the recent month, the return-on-risk, the return on investment with consideration about risk, was -4.2%. As the volatility was low, the return-on-risk was a proper rate in spite of stock price decline. In spite of that, the return-on-risk is much better than the industrial mean, -11.5, and thus the industrial comparison performance was positive.

Comparing industry to the market, the KOSDAQ industry including Seobu T&D records higher volatility and earning rate than Distribution. Even though the earning rate of the industry is negative, the industry has more momentum than the market.

Close CompetitorsEarning rate (%)STD (1Mo)Return on
Risk (1Mo)
1 Mo3 Mo6 Mo
CJ FW(051500)-2.5%0.3%-29.0%2.1%-1.1
DAOU DATA(032190)-15.7%-26.1%-21.8%2.1%-7.4
Seobu T&D(006730)-6.8%-4.2%-18.8%1.6%-4.2

Target price 33,000 won, has 79% disparate to increase compared with stock price.
Per analysts' expectations during the recent month, the average target price of Seobu T&D is  33,000 won. The stock price is 18,400 won as of yesterday, so there is 14,600 won (79%) disparate in order to be able to increase.

Earnings & Valuation
Seobu T&D(006730): 2Q(Apr ~ June) of 2016 Earnings (reported at Aug. 17. 2016)
 RevenueOperating IncomeNet Income
2Q of 2016133.0 T34.1 T6.4 T
Previous Quarter0.2% decline12.3% increase14.2% decline
YoY0.5% increase23.7% increase33.2% decline

Investor Group
Individuals and Foreigners sell, Institutions buy
From Nov. 01, foreigners have been continuously selling Seobu T&D during the past 6 trading days. As a shareholding sum by investor group for the past 4 weeks, institutions have bought 178,371 shares with trending trade. However, during the same period, foreigners have sold 90,096 shares with maintenance of a selling position and individuals have sold 88,275 shares with a decreasing position.

Turnover Rate and Price Range both proper
Regarding the statistics for the past month on trade volume as the total outstanding shares, the daily turnover rate of Seobu T&D was 0.19%. And the daily volatility, the average range of rise and fall, during the same period is 1.96%.

Participation of Institutions is active, 25.82%
As per the inquiry for shareholding by investor group, the major investor group is individuals with 60.4% from total outstanding shares. Institutions and foreigners each hold 25.82% and 13.76%. And as recent 5-day shareholding change by investor group, individuals is the major investor group with 54.78%. Institutions hold 26.57% and foreigners hold 18.63%.

Cumulated shareholdings per investor group (1Mo) Total shareholdings per investor group
* Other Investor groups, included as "other corporations", are considered as "Individuals".

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